Peer Review of Teaching

Welcome! These pages provide information to UW-Madison instructors and administrators who want or need to be involved in peer review of teaching.

Peer Review of Teaching (PRoT) refers to participation of colleagues in the development and assessment of teaching activities. This site is intended to help you clarify your purposes for participating in PRoT, and design a program that meets those purposes. In addition, the site provides a Menu of Options (MOO) for PRoT.

The PRoT Project Team, a group of faculty volunteers from diverse disciplines across the campus, created this site. The project is the UW-Madison contribution to the national peer review of teaching project founded by the American Association of Higher Education Teaching Initiative. The development of this site was funded by the UW-Madison Teaching Academy and the Provost's Office.

To access PRoT information, choose one of the questions below. We encourage you to read two sections before exploring techniques: designing a peer review program and conducting a review. The PRoT Project Team believes these sections are a must-read.

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