Start lectures early

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Exposing students to ideas they will encounter in lecture can be done in more ways than assigning textbook reading ahead of time.

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Uploading presentation materials, like PowerPoint slides, is one common way of exposing students to content in advance of class.  Instructors can choose whether to share materials before lecture, which frees students to print and take notes on slide handouts, or after lecture, to make sure that students pay attention and frame lecture materials on their own.

Another way to get students thinking about lecture before they arrive is to create a brief audio podcast. Podcasting technology ensures that your mini-lecture will be delivered to students as soon as you release it. Find out more about how to podcast...

To check student comprehension of readings before lecture, create a low-stakes quiz in Learn@UW.  A short pre-test can key students into the key concepts prior to lecture, and Learn@UW allows you to reuse questions between quizzes or semesters.  Learn more about creating Learn@UW quizzes and self assessments...

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