Continuity of Instruction


Welcome to the continuity of instruction planning hub at the Teaching and Learning Excellence website. While these pages were originally created to help for pandemic planning, the information can be used for any situation where continuity of instruction has been deemed a priority.

The Preparing Your Course for Social Distance Teaching is the official guide for course planning. Use this site to:


Prepare for Continuity of Instruction

The following resources will help you consider how to teach your course in a social distancing format. Note: this does not mean moving your course entirely online.

How do you teach?

The activities listed below are a beginning listing of the types of instructional activities that faculty and staff have typically carried out face-to-face. Suggested ways to approach each are given so that all instructors may provide continuity of instruction.


Delivering and engaging students with course content

Writing and Discussion

Prompting students to reflect on course material


Evaluating students objectively or subjectively


Facilitating students working together in labs or groups